3 Reasons Remote Work Is Amazing

You design and customize it to your comfort and liking. If you get bored or need a change of scenery, you can pick a nearby cafe or co-workspace to work from. Or you can travel half away around the world and work from another continent if you so desire. It’s your choice.
2. You have awesome co-workers.
If you’re working remote, there’s a good chance you’re self employed or an entrepreneur. Therefore, there’s a good chance you’re working with people you’ve chosen, and you’re likely working with people you really love.
3. Its not boring.
It’s a challenge for those that get bored easily. You manage yourself, you monitor your own inputs and success, it drives you to really develop your organizational skills and talents.
Are you a remote worker and loving what you do? Comment reasons you love working remote, and include any good advice on how to do it!
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