Rates Increased 25% for Taxi Cab Rides in Cairo

It’s been quite a while since the Egyptian Pound, also known as LE or EGP, has plunged drastically over 50% into devaluation.

I wanted to be sure to note this and update the information on Egyptian taxi prices in Cairo that I had posted before, although the rate hike’s old news and took place last last year.

In September 2016 I shared an article Egyptian Taxi Rides- Tips and Tricks. In this post I talked about some of the fun and perils of catching a cab in Egypt, and set expectations on what they should typically cost.

Due to the recent inflation, the Egyptian government regulated taxi fare prices were raised, and rightfully so as the cost of living has increased tremendously.

Although I used to find it to be and exciting way to learn Arabic, I avoid arguing with taxi cab drivers these days. When you put it into perspective, the extra 10 LE here and there you may be charged is not even 1 USD. It’s not worth arguing over. If you are from the West and come to Egypt, no matter what you do, you’re probably saving money. Just know this. Be charitable.

I regret the times I argued with taxi drivers over 25 LE. I didn’t have a full comparative understanding between Egyptian currency and the currency from my own country, the USA. I didn’t understand that in a country like Egypt, many basic goods must be imported, causing an awful imbalance between wages paid and the costs of clothing and consumables.

Back to the point of this article, here’s an update on the new taxi fare prices in Egypt. Here you go:

1st kilometer 4 LE

1.75 per kilometer thereafter

Wait time should be also factored in though I don’t have the exact calculation on hand. You can quickly estimate your fare using this tool on TaxiFareFinder.com.

Happy riding.

Rachel, Endless Learner

Hi, I'm Rachel, from the East Coast, USA and living as an expat in Cairo, Egypt. You can read more about my journey on an interview recently posted on BlogExpat.com, (see the link on the side menu!). Please like, comment, and share your own experience!

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